With a background in economics, architecture and communication design, Jeanine is a natural systems thinker with the ability to see patterns and make meaningful connections; skills that have suited her well for her roles as experience designer, business strategist and product developer. Raised in South America, her multi-cultural experience has provided a rich, global perspective to her work.

Curious and eager to learn, she has acquired broad experience in diverse verticals that manifest in a compendious approach to analysis, problem-solving and innovation. Spanning both the corporate and the consulting spaces, Jeanine has been in the digital space since the mid 90’s at the onset of the commercial internet, during the dot-com boom, and through its evolution. With a track record of developing experience strategies for multi-channel brands, Jeanine has worked with a number of companies to define objectives for best-in-class experiences for large-scale web transactional systems, e-commerce platforms, content management systems and business applications by successfully aligning user goals and business growth strategies and capabilities.

Throughout her career, Jeanine has continuously demonstrated the business value of design by crafting and executing product and service strategies that strengthened the company’s customer experience and its position in the market place. She brings systems thinking and applied creativity to product strategy and strategic planning, a unique combination of skills perfectly suited for the complex challenges facing businesses today. She has lead customer experience and digital product development initiatives for companies such as Time Inc.’s InStyle, Barnes and Noble, Pfizer, Panasonic, Experian, The United Nations, American Management Association, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Direct TV, Novartis, FoxMobile, and Sanofi-Aventis among others.

With functional experience building and managing high-performance, cross-disciplinary teams, Jeanine’s expertise belongs to a new breed of ‘Information’ and ‘Experience’ designers who have seen their valuable skills being directly applicable to the business transformation space where her critical thinking abilities and product development expertise can make a big difference to companies in need of creativity and innovation. Highly skilled at framing challenges for problem solving and solution finding, Jeanine brings deep strategic and critical thinking skills to vision creation and strategy formation that spanned across verticals and business lines.

Jeanine believes that after a certain time, life is about self-teaching and self-learning. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Boston College, and following a short but insanely valuable stint in banking and finance, she returned to school and received a Masters in Communication Design from Boston University. Understanding the value of creativity to business transformation, she has been trained in Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Strategies at NextD Leadership Training Institute in New York City, and Strategies for Innovation with David Snowden at Cognitive Edge. She’s an avid improv theater actor and is involved in the performance arts as a method for self-improvement and creativity.